Imagine a facility with every training aid you need.   Absolutely no expense spared in providing you with every tool you need to be a productive and efficient instructor.  This is more than a flight school, it i a state of the art facility permitting an independent part 61 flight instructor, just like you to have access to the materials and professional aids you need to do your job and grow your business.

  • Beautiful, fully equipped classes with multi-media, training aids, books, whiteboards, WiFi, etc.

  • Attached to a fully renovated, full service FBO.

  • 24 Hour Access

  • Access to club* and independent aircraft from which to use.  

  • No boss, no schedule mandate, no oversight.

  • Leverage our marketing efforts to fill your pipeline with ambitious and driven students.

  • All materials with never a need to restock.

  • NO Revenue Sharing.  

  • NO Instruction Fee Schedule.

  • NO Variable fees you have to 'plan' around.  You pay a fixed fee for everything.

It is your business and you can run it as you see fit.  All of this for a monthly fee of $150.00, designed to keep you in the black while building your reputation as a world class educator.

* Access to club aircraft may require additional dues & fees

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