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One day a CFI was looking for some office space.  He had a nice roster of students but had nowhere to sit and teach.  Sure, he could sit in an FBO, beg someone to use their office, or sit out at a picnic table but his students were not getting the most efficient training and honestly, some students just expect a more professional approach to teaching. Tired of lugging his materials and teaching aids around in the trunk of his car he set out to solve a problem thousands of flight instructors face every day.

Enter Chuck Hall Aviation, an FBO based in Ramona, California (KRNM).  Already undergoing extensive renovations, the owner and the CFI teamed up to create something amazing.  A full-service co-working facility designed to give instructors, students, and aircraft providers everything they need, in one location.  

The Ramona Flight Training Center (FTC) is designed to provide a location that is always clean, always state of the art, and always available.  A single building that houses the finest independent instructors, the most driven students, and access to a multitude of aircraft that are both situated in existing clubs or independently offered.  

To rent office space involves leases, overhead expenses, and constant tending.  Now, as an instructor, student, or aircraft provider, all you have to do is show up and everything is ready to go.  For students, they can access a full directory of instructors permitting the student the ability to shop around for a perfect match in their pursuit of a quality cost-effective training solution.   

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