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Alex grew up in Utah, riding horses and playing soccer. She went on to play college soccer while completing her accounting degree in Salt Lake City. Very quickly it became clear that the office was not where she belonged. After spending time living abroad and traveling, she was inspired to pursue a career in aviation. Alex started flight training at the end of 2020 in sunny San Diego. It has been a very challenging and fulfilling journey to go from zero flight time to now sharing her knowledge with others. She really enjoys instructing and truly cares about her students’ success because she understands how intimidating the flight training process can be and how vital it is to have an attentive instructor guiding you. She is an active participant in her local 99’s chapter, a women’s pilot organization. Alex appreciates being part of the aviation community, making relationships and continuing to learn. When on the ground, she enjoys hiking with her dog, biking, and cooking new foods.

Instruction Offerings:  Private, Commercial

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