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Ross Kovalskii 

I was born in a very small country called Transnistria. That country doesn’t have an airport, so I was 8 when I saw airplanes closely for the first time in my life. By the time I first flew on a plane I was 13, and I still remember that day and my emotions like it was yesterday.


When I was a teenager, I wasn’t playing shooter or racing games, but I was playing Microsoft Flight Simulator X and I was trying to land Boeing 737 at London Heathrow Airport using my mouse and keyboard again and again.


At the age of 18 I moved to Russia where I’ve got my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Analysis and Audit.


When I was 22, I moved to the United States, directly to San Diego, and here I’ve decided that I will become a pilot. Aviation has always been very special for me and I am very grateful that I have an opportunity to fly. Aviation is my passion and I really enjoy sharing this with my students and helping them to achieve their dreams. When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my family, surfing and playing soccer.

Instruction Offerings:  Private, Commercial

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