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Ian Lordanich

Ian is a CFI/MEI who lives locally in Ramona.  He first earned his private pilot license at Ramona airport in 2005, and later completed all of his other ratings (including Commercial SES) in the Sacramento area.  He has experience with both Part 61 and Part 141 schools. He has held his CFI rating since 2008 and his A&P license since 2010.  He spent 10 years working with Cal Fire as a support pilot and aircraft mechanic, utilizing a wide variety of airfields and navigating diverse terrain. He was M.A.F. trained in Nampa Idaho, on missionary and backcountry flying.  He enjoys teaching and helping others to master their own skills so that they can become the best pilots they can be. 

“Aviating is as much about learning to think as a pilot as it is maneuvering like one.”

Instruction Offerings: Private, Commercial and Flight Reviews

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